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Stop the Art Strike

The 1990-1993 Art Strike, which is currently being proposed by an international consortium of petty egomaniacs, needs to be shot dead, summarily executed without delay. The reasons for this conclusion are perfectly clear, as Richard Nixon would say, and I shall outline them in this brief paper.

The theoretical Marxist gobbydlygooke (Middle English spelling) that is the fountain from which this proposal ejaculates is logically unsound, although fascinating in its dire lack of intelligence. This is clearly evident when one examines the main Art Strike argument, which is that somehow Art is a tool, a "commodity" used by an elite to "repress" the masses. I hereby challenge the organizers of this mess to find ten seriously impoverished people willing to sign an affidavit to the effect that their condition is due to the business practices of Art galleries! Imagine Geraldo Rivera crawling thought the streets of East Oakland, asking street philosophers to recount personal episodes of terror at the hands to Piedmontian curators! Of course the outcome would be that of an empty televisional well, with a greasily handsome Geraldo wringing his hands. He would be lucky to even find a downtrodden person who gives an Albanian hoot about Art, or Artists, or their picayune opinions. Art simply doesn't matter to the vast majority of indigents. But to this, the smug Marxist would retort: "But the masses have yet to be enlightened as to the cause to their condition!" What sanctimonious, pig-headed borscht! The man pushing a shopping cart down the street would much rather have a T-bone steak marinated with Narsai's Special Sauce than a thousand tickets to performances at Artist's Television Access [a San Francisco establishment that sponsored an Art Strike event]! And rightly so, for his survival is, and should be, paramount. Whether or not there are Art geniuses has buggerall to do with the immediacy of his condition. If the self-satisfied organizers of this bird-brainish strike were really interested in helping the masses, they'd be proposing a TV-dinner round-up for the homeless! They'd be putting their money where their fat mouths are, so to speak.

It is also clear that the instigators of this foolishness are bent on being famous, and that they are insanely jealous of financially successful artists. This is a case of sour Bulgarian grapes, under the guise of proletarian revolt. It is usually the case that when revolutionaries seize power, they become just as repressive as their former masters; if the organizers of this effort were actually to stop Art production, they would be in the best position in terms of financial gain. Fortunately, I feel confident that this little tempter tantrum by a collective of spoiled-artistic-brats can be nipped in the bud, castrated from the consciousness of creativity. But only if you follow my instructions, and act now. If you agree with this analysis, you'll do the following:

  1. Mail the letter [below] to:
    Artists' Television Access
    922 Valencia Street
    San Francisco CA 94103
    Attention: Bird-brained Artist's Strike
  2. Refuse to participate in the strike, if it ever really materializes.
  3. Encourage others to create works of Art. Creativity is good for people.

(Text of the letter:)

"Dear ATA:

"I refuse to participate in the 1990-1993 Artist's Strike. As a matter of fact, I pledge to do everything in my power to encourage more Art production.

"I also think that the organizers of this effort are just a bunch of cry-babies trying to feather their nests and make a mess on the floor."


[Anatoly Zyyxx