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Statement Regarding the Art Strike 1990-1993

Now that I have learned the reasons for the international Art Strike 1990-1993 I declare that I will support it, but in Yugoslavia, country where I am living and making art, an Art Strike would have no sense because:
  1. There is no art market here yet.
  2. Prices of artworks are so low that you don't sell at all. You make art for pleasure, philosophical and creative reasons
  3. We have only few art critics and curators, and they have no power or influence upon artists.
  4. You don't have to pay the galleries for having your own exhibition, but galleries pay you for that. Shows are not commercial at all, so alternative artists can exhibit in official gallery spaces.
  5. The serious culture hardly exists here. It is repressed by the primitive, peasant culture, so our aim is to develop and support culture here.
So I am suggesting all art strikers to come and settle in Yugoslavia during the period 1990-1993 and continue making art and exhibitions.

[Andrej Tisma, Novi Sad, 11 December 1989