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Some Opinions about the art strikE

Alexandre Iskra, non-union pastry chef, Marseille, January 1990:

"They talk about an art strike (1990-1993)!... I swear that this voluntary public castration exasperates me! Even worse, I'm indifferent to it. In reading the various documents which you [Lettre Documentaire nno.4] have collected and carefully translated, alas, inspires lassitude.... In its time, the dada manifesto had scope; this is out looking for a point."

Jacques Massa, pataphysician, Paris, January 1990:

"The Art Strike makes me oscillate between indifference and perplexity. I've discussed it only with Mark Bloch (Panpost) who is rather in agreement as far as perplexity goes."

Jean-Francois Robic, photocopier, Strasbourg, January 17, 1990:

"As you can see, I am not participating in the Art Strike. I find it a bit naive. It would be necessary for me to do the strike by myself, and for me that's impossible. Even if art is a social practice-all right! - art is already a strike."
[Lettre Documentaire no.6, February 1990