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An Obituary for the False Opposition

With the utter demolition of Marxism-Leninism and the fading away of other false opposition movements (e.g., Maoism, Castroism, Trotskyism), the opportunity arises once again for humanity to liberate itself from the domination of capital. Clearly, the hysterical ravings of laughable figures like Bob Avakian, Gus Hall and all the apparatchniks of similar left-wing nut cults are addressed to a system and a world that has left them on the dung heap of history. They deserve their deluded followers, all of them.

Such a result should not surprise anyone even slightly familiar with these twisted ideologies. The entire grab-bag of leftist slogans and theoretical formulae existed merely as a mask to hide more concentrated forms of domination by capital. Marxism-Leninism never ever wanted to liberate humanity from the talons of capital. Rather their project was to simply manage capital and institutionalize its most oppressive modes of control: work, ideological hegemony, hierarchy, organization, authority, ad nauseam. For this reason Marxism-Leninism can properly be called the loyal opposition of capitalism and the best friend capital ever had.

All previous false oppositions merely aped the pre-existing forms of social organization they hoped to replace. Thus the Bolsheviks in attempting to engineer a humanitarian responsive government finally succeeded in producing a tyrannical state that even a Tsar could love. Marxism-Leninism prevents the discovery by humanity of new forms of social organization which could serve as the vehicle for its self-emancipation from the domination of capital and all its categories and constructs.

Significantly, the failure of the Left in some sense portends doom for capital itself. Without a necessary opposition with which to define itself, modern capital, the undisputed champion of the cold war, may well knock itself out (potentially taking us with it).

We must now begin to see the system which dominates us as the ancien regime; a corrupt, despotic, moribund and boring mode of social organization, that we not only have the right to destroy, but the obligation. For the first time in a century social insurrectionists have found themselves without a leader, without ideology, but with a burning desire to extirpate the ancien regime and realize utopia. And that, of course, is the beginning of the end.