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Notes on the Mail

Please note that the official YAWN address has changed; all future correnspondence will be received at the new address, which is P.O. Box 227, Iowa City IA 52244. Mail will continue to be picked up at the old address, albeit sporadically.

Several people have independently sent YAWN their "comments" on its output in the form of envelopes which look completely normal on the outside, but upon inspection, reveal themselves to be completely empty. Such "creative" responses to the Art Strike, although terse and perhaps even apt, do little to encourage the dialog and debate which YAWN holds is so necessary to help clarify our current predicament. We will not berate these senders in print, because they are, in fact, doing something. But if they feel that there is something "wrong" with the Art Strike (in)action-and there is much that is "wrong" with it-perhaps they could tell us what they feel it is. On the other hand, we at YAWN do tend to prefer these kinds of pseudo-responses to the small packet of animal dung we received the other week!

Keep reading; keep responding.