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Wednesday, 1991, July

To Whom It May Concern;
I have written you what I think is bad about the Art Strike: that the only damage it has done is to Artists. Its effect is the same as an "overstocked" rejection slip.

But don't forget to say what is good about the Art Strike. It is encouragingly in the Dadaist tradition: A call to action; a militant rejection of things as they are. An uprising by suppressed, unjustly used portions or factions against factions that do not belong in the positions of decision-making that they occupy.

The Art Strike's main weakness is that it is not an advance but a retreat. For one thing, it has failed to name its objectives and targets. What are its targets? Grant-giving organizations on any level, in-bred and frivolous and which pander to sensationalism. The business world which only looks down on Art. Politicians whose corruption is well-known and who feel safely out of reach of exposure. Critics who serve themselves and slander what is good. Editors who suppress the best Art they come across and publish what they think will forever muddle the picture. The U.S. Post Of ce which is a parasite off the energies of struggling Artists. Worthless literary magazines. Fascism, Communism and all other "smelly little orthodoxies" whose only effect is to hinder expression of the truth. Insistence.

The struggle of the Artist will always be the same. No permanent gains can be made or should be sought in the Art Strike. "Permanent gains" will only become obstacles to future Artists. The aim of the Art Strike should be speci c gains for the participating Artists: Increase in wages, exposure, fringe bene ts. The call should be for intensi cation of activity, in some cases, with limited polemical aims. Exhibits, Be-ins, happenings, broadsides, parties, picnics, love-ins, hot dogs, watermellons, publicity, lea ets, Bible studies, bene ts, church bazaars, garage sales.

Reinstate "PhotoStatic!" magazine. Change the name of the Art Strike newsletter from "Yawn" to "Insurgency" or "Ticked." Let freedom ring.


Jimmy the Jumper

(T. Hibbard, Wichita)