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Four Billion People Can't Be Wrong

It is not a matter of realizing the Art Strike, or even building on every level of life everything that hitherto could only be an art strike memory, or an illusion, dreamed and preserved unilaterally. The Art Strike can only be realized by being suppressed. And in suppressing it with the automatism of an even more passive and hierarchical spectacle, we freeze dry its contents into something stable, quantifiable, investment worthy, in short, homogeneous.

The Art Strike is not only a commodity but also a symbolic representation of this order, the justification of its concept of reality.

There will be an empty space left by the Art Strike as a comprehensive order binding everything, the social consensus will be destroyed, we will have reached the end of the great history of our common culture. The empty space left by the Art Strike will be occupied by another order, the economy. The ideal of change as value, adopted by our culture, has found its full significance in the Art Strike.

The Art Strike in its honesty, says about itself that in its state of exhaustion it is not able to put forward values. It can only be a description of the situation, the world of exhausted values of our culture. It can only be a quotation of history, a substitute for something that has ceased to exist.

The Art Strike opposes the logical way of mind which has led to this cultural devastation. The Art Strike will be a resounding stroke of the gong, its ringing will drown out the squawks of the malingerers, their strained voices will fade into thin air.

To speak of the Art Strike means to speak of the unknown, to speak of a door to a new world, to speak of a desire to discover what one does not know. For how can one know a desire without satisfying it?

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