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Statement of purpose re:

ESP Concourse Action of 9/90

  1. We are a group of sensual creatures who occasionally embark on acts of poetic terrorism for the purposes of liberating the wondrous and propagating the extraordinary. We encourage fully conscious orgiastic participation in life.
  2. In particular, the ESP Concourse action was directly targeted at the walls of boredom both in and out of people's minds as they zombie their way through the monotonous underground cavern. The intent was to suggest something so wild that, even for one moment, it would shatter the silent drone of constant alienation that permeates every aspect of life today, and perhaps drive the beholder to seek out some more intense mode of existence.
  3. The Empire State Plaza, like the Pyramids of Egypt, is the mausoleum of a ruling class with a taste for death. Part shopping mall, part warren for state workers, the Plaza is the marriage of commerce and power and naturally shows us baby pictures of their offspring; Art-Art which returns to us for a look, (don't touch!), the creative power we have only to reach out and wrest away in order to remake life as an adventure in fellowship, pleasure and play. By flaunting art, especially this collection of Art by the plutocrat Rockefeller's cocktail party cronies, the ESP mocks and insults everyone whose life is eviscerated by obedience and work. The Empire State Plaza, with its outdated modern architecture, already looks as if it were built to be excavated, truly, as the Parisian revolutionaries said in 1968, "soon to be picturesque ruins"-and the sooner the better.
  4. That a successful Governor and probable presidential candidate would ever attempt to address the overwhelming horror-the ghastly totality of civilization, in any kind of honest and critical appraisal is, for the most part, beyond the scope of normal speculation. To put forth in a public manner such a suggestion is almost like declaring the existence of a parallel universe, only in much more human terms.

    Thus have we acted. For the Art Strike,

    Neal Keating
    Bob Black
    Pir Fez Hafez Ad-Dajjl

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