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Albany Art Strike Action Committee
P.O. Box 2256
Albany NY 12220

Governor Mario Cuomo
Executive Chamber
State Capitol
Albany NY 12224


Dear Governor Cuomo,

Recently we have issued public commendations to both you and Commissioner Egan of OGS (Office of General Services) for your apparent participation in the noble, and global, Art Strike.

Obviously, you are more well-read that I had previously given you credit for. As things stand, precious few people seem to have any idea of what this Art Strike is all about. I am curious as to how you first became acquainted with the ideas and theories that have since come to represent the Art Strike in all its criticAl (albeit unknown) glory.

Do you intend to issue a public statement of alliance with the Art Strike? Would such a statement include a thorough denunciation of the elitist manipulation of humanity's creative energies-as practiced by the cultural arbitrageurs known as "artists"?

As part of observing the Art Strike, will you postpone the return of Art in the ESP (Empire State Plaza) concourse until January 1, 1993?

If not, can you tell me why?


Neal Keating, for the AASAC

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