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A Manifesto of Counterrevolutionary Communism

  1. The concept of "Revolution" is inherently "religious" and refers to an unrealizable abstraction. Those who act for the collective transformation of the world must reject the concept of revolution and all other concepts which locate change in an unde ned and distant future. Until we have crushed the concept of revolution we will be slaves to history.
  2. Dialectics are mystification. It is naive to assume that the interaction of ideas within social process will mechanically resolve social contradictions. The concept of historical inevitability is completely laughable. An understanding of "history" shows the accumulation of "contradiction" the identity of which is produced by the logical habits of the observer.
  3. The emotional desires which are expressed as "social theories" have never been rigorously "scientific," and it is the worst mystification for revolutionaries to couch their agendas in a "scientific" context. That a "revolutionary" would want to is indicative of the general lack of critical engagement towards "scientific thought" present in "revolutionary" culture. Science is a fascist ideology which perpetuates itself through a technical elite that produces "truth" in support of capitalism. It is based on a variety of false premises which remain relatively unchallenged. Most notable is science's reliance on "cause and effect," a warped version of the capitalist ideology of "individuality," positing "individual causes" directly linked to individual "effects" within a coherent universe. Though this concept is in practice highly elaborated, it has its roots in the fragmentary world view transmitted by capitalism. Communists should attempt to collectivize "truth" and overthrow the scientific "knowledge" which has brought destructive technology and industrial slavery.
  4. "Revolutionaries" tend to engage the system only within their own minds, creating separate identities which "self-manage" their alienation. To be a "revolutionary" is to engage in a nostalgic fascist mythology, part of the entertaining stage-set of the "western world." To achieve change it is imperative that all separate identities be destroyed along with the institutions and attitudes that support them.
  5. "Community" is the abstraction by which ethnocentrism is reified on a local scale. The concept of the community, as an abstraction, further situates human life within the comprehensibility of a productive, receptive discourse outside of its own control. To be part of a "community" is to reinforce an identity as alienated as "individual" identity. The resolution of the collectivization of power stands outside the existence of banal and comprehensible cultures.
  6. Massive change on a local or total level is possible and in process.