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An Apology from OWVRAS90-93, the Proposer of Forced Art Participation 1990-2001

I am sorry. It has only just dawned on me how destructive the implementation of my half-baked proposal of the Forced Art Participation 1990-2001 might be. Simply forcing people to participate in the making of art does nothing to remove it from the domain of the commodity, as I once maintained. My reactionary proposal would only serve to create pockets of even more reactionary individuals who would find it necessary to create a new separation between themselves and those who are forced to make art by FAP. These cynical reactionaries would maintain that only they themselves were the "real" artists, and that "forced art" is not art. Since art is a sub- culture that often defines itself in opposition to culture, I now recognize that artists have a vested interest in maintaining the status quo. Therefore, far from abolishing elitism, FAP would greatly strengthen it, oppositionally and in direct proportion to what it opposes. These reactionary groups of individuals would no doubt spend their time writing mutually self-congratulatory texts and strutting about the street as if they were better than everyone else. In short, nothing would change. Down with FAP! Forward with Art Strike 1990-1993!

FAP proposal
YAWN's response
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