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The following is a public message from the Albany Art Strike Action Committee (AASAC):

Greetings Fellow Citizens!

Flourishes, commendations and general fanfare have been sent up the line to the right honorable Governor Cuomo and Commissioner Egan (OGS) for their courageous and historical participation in the anational Art Strike, currently in effect from 1990-1993.

All of the art that lined the walls of the ESP underground concourse has been removed or covered up (and hopefully soon to be destroyed) to call into question the blank emptiness of history that was previously hidden by so many bright colors and squiggly lines.

Distraction is an art practiced by politicians and power-mongers. It is the prevalent device for seizing and holding power. So long as you are distracted from the basic questions of what life is, and what to do with yours-you remain powerless, alienated from your deepest desires.

Distraction is what art is all about. The statement, "you gotta have art," is accurate only insofar as that without art, the hideous totality that shapes today's social arrangements threatens to become obvious to all. You will find nothing but cHaos and @narchy riding on the crest of such a generalized realization.

As politicians and power-mongers, Governor Cuomo and Commissioner Egan are taking a considerable risk in choosing to participate in the Art Strike. They are, by their action, negating the same power they covet. They are flaunting our boredom in our faces, challenging us to do something about it.

So what are you going to do?