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Dear YAWN:

I do art to make myself feel very important. I have a sense, a fear, that I am hollow, that the world is hollow and will collapse in on itself at any minute without the steel girders of Art to support this delicate membrane. Art tells me that what I know is good. It is a mirror upon which I paint my greatest desire, imagining it to be my own reflection. This is why the Art Strike is ultimately bad praxis. Without this spectacular surface, I would have to face my inner void. It is almost as though I fear the annihilation of my Self, that through art I make myself. So please, leave me alone. Show some modicum of humanity and allow me the comfort of this gilded cage, this well-tailored curtain. I write with tears as I am too close to all this and must now rest to regain my strength, and God willing, some small creative spark.

R. Fear, Iowa City