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I was very pleased to receive her message.
You were very pleased to send her message.
She was well-known to have heard my message.
We shall not stand on ceremony.
You plural will instance no further shadow play.
They always becon from a distance making exact identification tentative.

The swallow which is not filled with contempt is the re-turning up one.

When the subject-object inter-animation is directly (and there is no indirect way) experienced as a driftforce with sensuous driftform, there is a co-necessary swale of compassion. Said compassion is the equivalnt of two turds of dissatisfaction (considered from the perspective of the underform), three words to the sufficient-wise, and a fourthward cycle stamen shake, which precedes the dandelion.

This conjunction, which is actually a re-junction of falsely separated laminates of soul and spirit, may be viewed in the view-finder which is where all of this Neoism of the puddle began. Whence the word's way in and the word's way out were neatly petarded on the same shaft while dressing up the analysis as a formal, historical reification.

Nonsense has and nonsense will. Sense is ephemeral and often wonderfully glazed.

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