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Why Neoists Do Not Drink Alcohol

In February of last year (Spiralling, non-linear calendar) I was having a chat with Cantsin at a café in a city whose identity is best kept secret, when it occurred to me that he had not touched his drink, "Do you drink?" I asked. He looked at me as if I had asked to see his collection of two-headed shirts, or worse his collection of headed pants. Perhaps, at that point he looked down at the table, or tugged at the table cloth, or adjusted his posterior on the wrought iron floor. From that I inferred....

"Neoism is sobriety: I am limiting the number of activities I engage in until I reach a state of complete inactivity, re. only breathing, bleeding, spitting etc... This systematic approach allows me time to construct the next phase of my plan without simply killing me. A dead Cantsin is no Cantsin at all."

"Or perhaps: Neoism is a reversion to childhood - A you may know, children are effected in reverse manner by intoxicants, e.g. children are put to sleep by caffeine, driven wild by alcohol... for a Neoist to drink would increase his awareness, which is not at all our intention..."

"I only drink rubbing alcohol, because it makes me blind... contrary to poplar belief it doesn't make one vomit..."

"Neoists drink only to encourage the assimilation of bodily fluids into the outermost aesthetic protrusions of their bodily parts....that probably makes negative sense.."


giant Neoist cake box designed to eat spectators with mechanical arms. "Take a running leap at the floor and miss"-P.P.) 17 summers old or/conceivable entering into metaphor by having your brain smashed out by a slice of lemon wrapped around a gold brick...

Set of Hallucinations worth having-

"apparition of a green field in a cup of coffee resting between bull horns.."

"The transformation of the tiles one the bathroom floor to the rectangles of the golden section"

"The existence of a discolored world dangling upside-down from beneath our feet (glimpsed perfectly in clear rain puddles and floor mirrors"

"The disintegration of the body into wind..."

"The speeding up and slowing down of a perfect piano metronome."

"Receiving a letter from Monty Cantsin that I know he did not write."

I'm considering travelling to Europe this summer as a living issue of SMILE magazine,;= much like the one from Monty Cantsin w/ the bull EMIL, I would be added to by each person I visited and carry any written material/non-permanent tattoos etc... I think perhaps someone else should do this as well and we could hunt each other down.

I've never had a stomach this big.

"A Concept once defined looses its Cantsin": BURNeoism

New sloganeering of the Pre/gro/per/atavistic Movement, formerly Neoism: "What motivates Monty Cantsin? No one phrase can explain such an individual, except for 'Monty Cantsin is motivated entirely by sexual desire'"

"Without Neoism, there would only be Neoism."

Neoist Defense league current plans include construction of a fleet of motorized go-carts or autos from stolen trash dumpsters to be used to patrol the streets of Akademgorod in order to ensure that the hierarchy of Neoism be maintained....

Dear Neoist and Anti-neoist friends,

please.. realize the projects included in this... issue of SMILE magazine as I am tooo busy to do so .... myself ... I have too much work .... Although some of them may seem ... improbable ... I have reason to believe they all ... have been done before ....