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Complexity/organization is parasitic, i.e. active as opposed to disorder which is passive/non-reinforcing (herein lies its strength).

The human nervous system is a parasite of organization complex enough to appear chaotic, but in fact a bastion of complete control.

Neoism is sound where there is sound, any vacuum is imagined.

The human organism has parasitized its surroundings, removing disorder. Cities, streets, etc... are organs of human beings. The next step in evolution has begun in the extension of the nervous system into streets, telephones etc... Media and construction form a group body, extending channels of control and perception.

Humans are influenced by immediate surroundings, soon this will mean something different, and architecture will become a systematized form of control, as extreme as any addictive organ (brain, stomach etc.). Neoists are "free" from control by understanding and relinquishing it.

I propose an Akademgorod of simultaneous organization and randomness which will purposely mimic the structure of the parasite which we observe, with the intention of mind-controlling ourselves directly. We are all cells, but that means nothing, we are all data particles, invade the body, parasitize the parasite. I make no judgement, I propose this plan for a promised land.