Welcome to the

Service in the Liftime Hotel means ROOMSERVICE
If you find a room for you . There are many ways to transform your room into the room how do you like him.
The classic room is a space in blue with a decorative painting and a text field for your impressions and your brain baggage.
But there are new ways after the renovation. In all rooms there is a service bell . If you push the bell you get
1 - a form for other classic backround and pictures

2 - you can uploade over FTP your own backround and pictures or sound (if you sende sound It will transform in to real Audio)
if there are other request for the rooms please contact the reception @lifetimeHotel
Next new service is the HotelBAR
a chat for all traveler who will meet ather peopel in private atmosphere.

have a nice time your LIFETIMEHOTEL
oblivion baggage
Vergessenes Gepäck