Office for Service and Diplomatic Relations

As the Invisible Embassy of Seborga is continuosly interessted in building new relations and contacts we want to give you informations on internet-sites of diplomatic and semi diplomatic representatives. We want to support the travelling between different countries of the real and the virtual space. The Invisible Embassy of Seborga is endeavoured to support and to care on peacefull and confidencial relations to all the representatives which are listened below and also to them who are not.
To some of this diplomatic representatives we have diplomatic relations, to some they are in the status of development, to some unfortunatly we have no contact.
Call for Participation: To get in contact and to develop the relations within the internet-community the Invisible Embassy of Seborga intends to call for a great conference in the end of 1997 or the beginning of 1998.
We want to participate diplomatic representatives, embassies and countries of the Net-community. Also we want to participate micronations of the geographical world as well as people who think about the status of micronations.
This conference may prepare the first steps to the foundation of the UN of cyberspace. For futher informations on the great conference please contact us.
Unfortunatly it is not possible to organise this conference by the Invisible Embassy on the projected time. We will continue this project on a later moment. But we will transfer the ideas and the material we developed during this perparations as well as the announced artzine ANOREXIA to the new founded Invisible Embassy of Seborga Forum. It will be published immediately on the theme of IDENTITY and micronations. You are asked to send papers and concepts on this theme. As a plattform for discussions we inaugurated the new Invisible Embassy of Seborga Forum. Please feel free to participate on this forum. Send your thoughts and papers.

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Last Updated: 24/2/1998