Norbert Folberger

Who is N.F....?

"I`m not the Greatest, but one of the Best."

The 1954 in Schwerin born artist never confines himself to inspire only in pleasant invironments. He ever moved in "the real life" and often against an envy surrounding. This way he resists the developement to a streamlined bolt of energy, which actually overflow the art scene.
Right after finishing the study at the Hochschule für Bildende Künste Dresden (university of plastic arts Dresden) followed the exclusion from the Verband Bildender Künstler der DDR (artist`s association of plastic arts in the GDR) - Folberger`s free way of thinking made him not acceptable for this association. He got engagementes at the Theatre of Schwerin and the German National Opera of Berlin.
N.F.`s art provokes, because he doesn`t like works, which slink around in the unpolitical abstract space. Therefore comes also the fascination of his art: thrilling, direct and powerfull. Not subjected to a current art direction, he transforms his delighting in the human bodily model in his own artistic expression. The „authentity“ of his works results from his studies in his background, describing the „paradisiac harmony“, where the commen people want to recognise the dangerous underground only. But the real spiritual dimension and mental world of the at the first sight uncomplicated, single-track looked north-east german is only possible to experience in long converstions.
At the artist`s works first injures his savety in rule the handicraft - the drawn line. N.F. belongs to the figurative artists. He wants the beholder to understand his message - with all the secrets and the rest of bottomlessness which ever stand and make his works so exciting. Since 1989 N.F. can refer to participations in exhibitions in numerous countries in Europe, Amerika and Asia and today he nearly belongs to the „arrivals“ in the art scene. 1992 N.F. became a member of the Fédération Nationale de la Culture Francaise (national french cultur federation), which made possible most of his exhibitions and was forerunner for his scholarship at the Pollock-Krasner-Foundation in New York in 1994. At this time he showed his paintings on Broadway, won the Grand Prix Mondial in Avignon and got a reviewer-prize in Hong Kong. N.F. proved, that the best artists are these, who follow their own inspirations and don`t limp the trends, which are up-to-date, behind. His works please, because he speaks his own diction. The independence of this artist bases on a good technic, originality in the way of thinking and a marked personality.
Folberger`s art offers us the pleasant result of the activity of a man, who succeded in creating the comprehension from his environment and above all from his personal and consistent experiences on which his works are based.

Die Zeugung des Minotaurus
Acryl auf Leinwand

Carambolage II
15x20 cm


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