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Northern Windows Ltd.
Language TerrorUK Electrical SystemEat dangerously
Mystery in VURTTerror of PleasureCrabs in my HeadMemento of Nico
Celebrating DifferencesTerror ColumnsTribute to a social Revolutionary
Fictive phonetalkTomahawk AidThe Ban
Suspended BeliefThe Sink's Plug

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Web diary and working in progress project for the Virtual Revolutions, ISEA98, Manchester/Liverpool.

Produced by THE blinkface (Klaus-dieter Michel) - coproduced with Predrag Sidjanin (.nl) feat. Jeff Noon (.uk), Wayne Cheetham (.uk) and Emrys Morgan (.uk)

Workspace Virtual Heatwave
Editor's Note Oct, 16. 1998
A memento of Nico, model, actress and singer. She was for three decades a fascinating and mysterious figure in modern popular culture. After Paris and New York she lived most of the Eighties in Manchester/UK. Today she would have become 60 years old. But she died on Ibiza in 1988 and her ashes are buried in Berlin, Grunewald Forest, where I did a reference to her.


aug, 14.
friday 7pm
fictive phonetalk with a vr-coordinator

aug, 22.
Suspended Belief
performance of Greater Manchester based artist Emrys Morgan

aug, 26.
Mystery in VURT
by Predrag Sidjanin feat. Jeff Noon

aug, 27.
Celebrating Differences
performance and reading by Wayne Cheetham
RealAudio 28modem

sep, 01.
Language Terror
1st Mapping of Terror

sep, 02.
Terror of Pleasure
2nd Mapping of Terror (Predrag Sidjanin)

sep, 03.
Terror Columns
3rd Mapping of Terror

sep, 04.
Tomahawk Aid
keep on burning Bruce Springsteen's records

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Workspace Virtual Heatwave

sep, 08.
UK Electrical System
1st British Readymade

sep, 09.
Crabs in my Head
by Wayne Cheetham

sep, 11.
The Ban
this Country is full of those.

sep, 15.
Eat dangerously
2nd British Readymade

sep, 17.
Tribute to a social Revolutionary
Withworth Park Hall Residency

sep, 19.
The Sink's Plug
British vs. Continental

sep, 21.
Northern Windows Ltd.
On the A62 between Manchester and Oldham

sep, 23.
Memento of Nico
Day of parting, oct, 2. to Final Act in Berlin

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