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Suspended Belief
Performance provoked beforehand a blasphemy discussion

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Performer Emrys Morgan The artist, performer and friend on mine Emrys Morgan from Castleton / Greater Manchester performed in the Rochdale Art Gallery a crucifixion scene personating christ with his own body covered with chocolate. This artpiece has provoked beforehand a nationwide discussion about if it is blasphemy or not. Many newspapers and tv stations and preachers from various churches have phoned up Mr. Morgan to get informations about his art action.

THE OBSERVER, 23 August 1998

Sweet Jesus in new death 'choc'

Christ was crucified in Rochdale, Lancashire, yesterday. A large crowd bore witness as Emrys Morgan, artist and committed Christian, took the cross, writes Barry Hugill. Wearing a crown of chocolate thorns and a loincloth he hung for 10 minutes before descending into a bath of chocolate.
Last week church leaders urged believers to boycott the 'blasphemous' Chololate - A touring exhibition at the town's art gallery.
Morgan insisted his 'living art sculpture' was not blasphemous. 'It's about commercialism. The Christian church has so much money but there are all these terrible things going on in the world. Christianity has failed people'.
Penny Thompson, the art gallery press officer, was doing her best to appease the churches. 'He's not mocking religion, he's a serious artist. In this day and age many people, especially women, turn to chocolate when they are depressed. There is something spiritual about it.'
Stephen Jones, a committed Baptist, who had ignored the boycott call, agreed:'I thought it would be awful but it's not.'

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