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To: Florian (plagiarized by JDP)

my look involves both my eyes and my mouth. See it's the combination of closed-mouth grin and smilely eyes, smiley so that the creases around my eyes gather up. By closing both my mouth and my eyes (somewhat) i reveal nothing but everthing; I am the cat that ate the canary. To know, is to know; to want to know is where i want everyone to be. get it? i knew you would. I can accent the "look" by using body language. By turning my head from side to side, ever so slowly, or moving it at a diagonal from right to left i convince the other person that i am hiding forbidden knowledge, i call this "carmel knowledge". Carmel Knowledge is a very old and secret practice. If i explained it to you, i'd then have to kill you and all your family. Pretty serious stuff, huh.

I can give you other clues to unraveling the mystery without puting you in jeopardy. the next time you have a bowel movement or "BM", squint your eyes real tight and recite these words:

I wish i was in kansas before the corn grew too high to be smoked by the flying elephant of the hesperdes, my second uncle the actor who lives in a shoe box in the middle of the rue de morgue, after i saw christmas being sold to the highest bidder on Easter Island.
repeat until you have successfully passed whatever was clogging you. when you relax your face you will have the look.