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6Hz#13 Fictotal Bolton Wreckage in Mesopotamia, East Carolina

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Bolton will not be destroyed or negated by an attempt to attack

But straight-shootin' egg-head bear-wrassler den master Ficus Strangulensis straddles the yard negro accumulator and pulls in Bolton---scoops him up like bacon and lilies off a steaming gorilla

Bolton pulp loaf

Bolton tied naked to the monkey bars in front of school---tie big fucking speakers to the inside of Bolton's mouth shave his feathery armpits and glue them to his face just seriously hurt Bolton for real, bang him around, slam him just plain pile-drive him bad; outlaw Bolton Wipe Don Knott's dead ass mustard all over his dead raped face--- rape his face with smashed bees and steel-belted radials mace his puckery exposed and swollen bush hole rape him in the cunt---hurry up! I'm ready! grind him up, steam-roll it, pack it up, ship it, spill it all over the highway---awwww. Wreck a liquid nitro semi into that, spin out stock cars all over the burning Bolton spread Keep fucking him up---don't stop Build him back into a car and wreck it hard---keep wrecking it---send it to every wrecker in Carolina and Michigan---good. Write a poem about it---then read it to the class---and burn that sad class down! Torch it---torture it in Bolton's name.

Go back and torture Bolton night and day for no reason. Tie his nipples to a powerful wind generator, watch it go! Introduce him to Kenny G., then start fucking up Kenny with his mommy's spice rack. Hollow out Kenny's head and fill it brim high with coffee---look, the new Kenny G. coffee maker. Force Kenny G. to blow fake fusion watered-down imposter jazz into Bolton's ass. Dress 'em up in pink sissy jazzercize outfits with fluffy poodle pom-pom leg warmers and xxx-rated doberman snuff film 'em. Snap their ribs with Bolton cutters---fence 'em in electrical corrals the size of a phone booth and dump gear oil all over 'em...

The first part of the prophecy appeared to have been fulfilled, but Ficus pulled in the garage to find wild dogs had made off with the suffering atonal twoesome.

To be continued....