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Date: Fri, 14 Apr 1995 11:06:21 -0400
From: John Berndt

Derrida et al clearly have a primary agenda of revalorizing the cannon, and a secondary agenda of making neoism seem opaque by endlessly temporizing about its impossibility (its inability to characterize itself, finally). It is the biggest literary hoax of the century: a "nihilism" the only effect of which is to make the scholastic literary profession seem valid! Despite that, I don't find it interesting.

The caveat that Derrida has done for literature what Goedel's proof did for mathematics is a delusion of his followers about the rigor involved.

Von Hardenberg: "The reason that there wouldn't be a discourse which proved that everything was 'kerflooie' in a drunken bable is that no one would be compelled to respect it." (But, what does this say about Ackerman?)

I have been collecting & HTML formatting all my text files, and will send a completed branch to you for House of Nine Squares. Then, perhaps, APT 63 texts will be worked on!
Your site is really great & I'm sooo glad you are doing it!