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The Gospel of Thomas

"Whatever surges beneath the surface of the Gospel of Thomas, it is not a Syrian Christian wisdom teaching of the second century. The ascetic accepts creation, but always upon the basis of having fallen from it, and always with the hope of being restored to it. That is hardly the aspiration of Jesus in the Gospel of Thomas. Like William Blake, like Jakob Böhme, this Jesus is looking for the face he had before the world was made. That marvelous trope I appropriate from W.B. Yeats, at his most Blakean. If such is your quest, then the Gospel of Thomas calls out to you."
Harold Bloom


  1. Introduction
  2. Text: The Coptic Gospel of Thomas
  3. Text: Fragments of the Greek Gospel of Thomas
  4. About the Editorial Symbols
  5. About the Translations
  6. About the Canonical Parallels
  7. Bibliography