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Telepathy Receptivity Training

                    blood after washing

                i put german cars into the pencil

                     she's such a cheerful little fleaklist

    she's afraid the heel is fallin' off her liver

& no more trout r clotheless no more

       i felt as if i had a dead arm 4 tired

   i'm down on the luck, blue on the pilgrimage, & best r u 2day

        they're all flash skiing sun bulbs

               much eyes meet much jar
        yeah, i'm really curious about whether the girl, 20 $s old, can run the barn
     because i lived in the same house, 40 yrs, underwater

with the eaten lion
here the beef froth awaits
where u sit

           rabbittt of fever, groat of stone

                                    the shiny oil cartel

                   jam & the bell fries

     because the phone was ringing such a long time
                          i thought it was a byntax synco or something

    here's an interesting suggestion that i hadn't thought of,
if the suggestion box is put in the moon will be looped behind his letter

      chili in the neighborhood & move ellen primitive

            if you're gonna get up early today,
         i'm gonna fly right down to that ice pile 
                                 & get me a cup of ice

    they say not to move your legs under any circumstances

                          blinkey modeling

                   men without surface

               going nowhere to the total
            stadium protein adaptors

                                     judy is glimpy

                         i can't see washing my hands in cake

        the ox cart is ill

no, i've got a physical goal, what can i do here on the scream as i work?

            i'm gonna do it in the fall in jello sandwork

   you could turn out a magnetic shaving over there

           mechanicals vase statuee bart this

       the highest blackmailer gets his gums gummed

heaven: death
ping pong:

      i unzip a code

   regard what he saw & the others of masters of a different kind

             8 turn men with shapes like skate

                      pyramidal guests

                'cause i broke her magazine

      i lost my penacobix

                                  ranchmiller bratches

           ranch-connected knife

   can an eyeglass be an eyepitcher?

                                 can't stop related approach to t-shirt

                                         d j gas

                                         beautyman & batswan

neeth busy serenading

             entire torso, head, parts of the body, he will write about

    letter distance from the guy who can't spell

         i would've thought of narcoal

                  Whom, a generality plus
and a headlines universe.

     It just really bothered me, reading those books, which didn't know where to go..

                   i can't smell comet & get sexually excited about it

           pulsed, phased, & poo-pooed

                     sweet & lo traffic
                                    52 little friends

      the sport of the electric pool

                  puma, stringed for beans

    i've got a simple with flies, 2 dies

                                        jovial drip

              that not the reading

                 messiah trees

   1 vacant cowboy filled with vindictive trees

          "phone call from Christo"

     ..now the feasibility of things broken with the foot

What i'd like to do is       with the         cabinet go all the way
& cross the street - 1:30, 2:30, 3:30, 4:30, 5:30

         to experience in no ways the intensity

               walk on dismembered air

                                M. Cheroum + Roux.6
                            unallottedness of slot

                       dogs never pay debts

       ours is whole duck

                dream balloon

           myriad of jumpy

something backwards, you have to have 1 of those things & 2 of everything.

   knack & carack, the carrying away by pens changalamp

               the flafletts?  that shiny girl?

                                   interior for no purpose end

     yeah, well, come little circle against the wall

                        i call upon the rules & the grey moving sand..

             white is the snow
  they're too unusual to have bug's noises in the usual places

         the society for globules' glove

                                like blind mules crowing

              time to forget the young waiter

                                        dispositionary club

   dream king got elected or how boyd & jane got hiked into the woods

           i'm sure that when sirius pressed waystar..

                                lobster thee


                             peacepipe gentilian dragon

    he sent & got a resounding blow, a perhaps

       too much is worse than colorlessness

   poor talk is the fireplace of the floor

                         do it from contactee railroad

              with which i was wont to be repugnant about the valley

what do you think we'll do with summers of baby patterns to begin?

                                    tostado people

        my state appreciates main from 2 to star:30

  people shaped like tornado beaks


       real inch, possé!  five deuce of the wands!

                amniotic biproduct

                            snanity backed

                   also in the ear six-fingered loafs

                 I douche.. Ganouche

     i think i put on a sweater to hide my women's undies,
                            but the rest were women's clothes, god's truth!

       i send my greetings to all you out there!
           it came after william righteous, bumping

              when ladies o'ertook the men
    did i seem like nuns, like wet-tails?

               gamps al cam

       ..18 monks are chewing gum for the City Paper? - NOOoooooo..

                    eating through a telescope

              vanessa rolt - heiress

    oriental jack & his seafood broads

               the tv won't always go to sleep

          troubleshooting a widower

    "some people stink up the whole neighborhood"
                  - author of Go Aflow
                           - author of Famous Moustaches

   can you believe it?  my mind is like lasagna

                  limitless barbecue rollover

               "do you know if this channel-inflator box was burnt down?"  

         a curious jar broke down


      her anguish came too fast, a king usually bearded & electrically charged
                 why did our silent brothers change the news?

doom for their lids

                              condition birds sing still sense

     form that it is that going isn't allegory

             virtually proof, in low baritones

 totto and the design memory of the flushed out hemorrhage

                         dilating with the physical, co-remoting with the thunderous