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An Awful Title in the Life of a Labor Pool Worker

Sept. 27, '89ev

Michael Tolson

  • 4:30AM
    alarm clock sounds - awaken after perhaps 5&1/2 hrs of sleep
  • 4:40AM
    leave to walk to labor pool office
  • 5:20AM
    arrive at office where approximately 35 blacks are already waiting
  • 6:00AM
    transportation to the job site is mandatorily in the labor pool van (for wch they charge) - even though getting there by bus can be quicker
  • 6:30AM
    the author leaves with Fred in a dump truck
  • 6:50AM
    arrive at the job-site where the author is given rudimentary instruction in the use of a (supposedly) $85,000 vacumn cleaner the size of a van
  • 2:00PM
    the author takes a lunch break - eating a potted meat, mustard, & white bread sandwich generously & sympathetically proferred by Fred who has some understanding of the author's economic despair
  • 3:30PM
    leave w/ dump truck w/ stones etc from roof to go to "dump" (i.e.: land "owned" by a rich guy who owes Fred money) to get rid of stones & get $5 payment from rich guy towards debt
  • 4:00PM
    arrival at liquor store/deli where Fred buys a hot-dog for himself & a 16 oz can of beer for the author & for himself
  • 4:30PM
    arrival at roofing company where Fred punches time clock etc after which the author & Fred leave for the bus stop
  • 4:50PM
    arrival at bus stop - bus arrives soon thereafter - leaving Fred off downtown around 5:10PM & the author near the labor pool office near 5:20PM
  • 5:25PM arrival at the labor pool office where 4 blacks who had already arrived from working for the roofers & 1 other black awaited their daily checks
  • 5:55PM
    after receiving a check for $24.71 (for 9&1/2 hrs work), the author waiting at a bus stop - arrival of the bus at 6:10PM
  • 6:30PM
    arrival at friendly bookstore where check can be cashed w/out charge
  • 7:00PM
    arrival at home after buying pint of rum & 2 liters of soda - fixing a meal & complaining w/ friends (+ other conversation) via phone & in person
  • 8:25PM
    getting drunk & reading letter to a friend in scotland while bathing & shaving
  • 8:45PM
    beginning to attempt writing description of day even though drunkenness is substantially interfering
  • 9:25PM
    interruption by phone call from friend about his trying to get the author a job (unsuccessfully) followed by another drink
  • 9:30PM
    resumption of the poorly progressing text
  • 10:25PM
    end of text (?) followed by attempt to sleep in preparation for another day like this 1
  • 10:30PM
    phone call from girlfriend
  • B. Traven, where are you when we need you now?