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Impractical Seriousness

Sheep Fucking Jesus, etc..

From the rich neighborhood I moved to the more or less poor neighborhood. Casandra was supposedly going to move there with me but didn't (yet another different story in this world of self-imposed thematic restrictions) but she & I still stayed in touch. All around my new home was spray-painted "King Jesus". In yet another bout of inspired reactionariness, Casandra proposed yet another grafitti campaign.

Hence "King Jesus" became blessed with transformative prefixes - the rite of trans-substantiation? There was "SmoKing Jesus", "No SmoKing Jesus", "PeKing Jesus", "ParKing Jesus", "No ParKing Jesus", & "Sheep FucKing Jesus" - amongst others. The token SubGenius reference was "King Jesus - Queen "B"". Somewhat to our mutual surprise, all but the "Sheep FucKing Jesus" alteration remained intact & unresponded to.

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