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a filmscript from tENTATIVELY, a cONVENIENCE

2 characters:

"rebellious daughter" (henceforth: RD) & "oppressive parent" (henceforth: OP)

Thruout all outside scenes, a bright scratched-on sun appears whenever sky shows.

opening scene:

RD is pushing OP down a country road in a wheelbarrow also containing bottles. He's drinking alcohol & appears very drunk. She's obviously struggling w/ the weight. The wheelbarrow tilts & OP & bottles fall out to the ground. The title appears:


Back to the same scene. A speech balloon appears from the father's mouth:

"Motherfucker! Go to your room!"

scene 2: her bedroom (the Love Den @ the Funny Farm):

OP throws RD into the bedroom, closes the door, & collapses into the wheelbarrow in front of it. A shot of RD brooding on the bed. She goes to the door & puts her ear against it as if listening to hear whether OP is awake or not. Apparently satisfied that he's passed out, she carefully opens the door & steps over him. Then she turns & takes a nearly full bottle of whiskey from next to his hand in the wheelbarrow & feels in his coat-pocket - eventually removing his keys. She leaves.

scene 3: RD drinking & driving:

RD walks outside to the Rambler, looking nervously over her shoulder. She gets in the car, starts it, pulls out & immediately starts drinking. We see her drinking & driving.

Later, she's seen weaving while driving wildly. She parks the car askew, gets out & staggers back into the house clutching the bottle wch is now almost empty.

scene 4: confined to her room again:

She's staggering back to her room when she trips over her still passed-out father, dropping the now-empty bottle into his wheel-barrow. He falls out, wakes up & throws her back in her room, slamming the door. The title appears again:


She's seen brooding in her room again. OP is shown sitting in the wheelbarrow in front of the door again. This time he's awake, looking at the door & holding an axe. A speech bubble appears next to his mouth:

"Motherfucking Dyke! Mow the lawn!"

In the room, a light-bulb appears & disappears over RD's head. A thought-balloon appears next to her head:

"Motherfucker!? I'LL GET HIM!"

She pulls a dildo off of the wall. She pulls a "Camo Condom" package off the wall & looks at it (c/u of package). She throws the condom package aside. She pulls a "Used Rubbers" package off the wall & looks at it (c/u of package). She throws the condom package aside & stuffs the dildo down the front of her pants. She pulls a pair of rubbers on. Once again, the title:


She leaves the room & pushes him out of the house in his wheelbarrow - still holding the axe & surrounded by bottles.

scene 5: mowing the lawn:

RD is mowing the lawn. OP is nodding out, still drinking, in the wheelbarrow in the shade of the apple tree. A few shots, from different angles, of her mowing. She's mowing the outline of a woman w/ spread legs but this can't be seen. She has a deranged expression. She pauses, looks to see if he's passed out again, sees that he is, & starts to dig a hole where the "lawn-crotch" is - the mowed figure is still unseen, so it appears that she's just digging a hole - maybe to bury OP in. Mid-shot of her looking at him again as she pulls the dildo thru her fly as if it's a strap-on. C/u of the dildo sticking from her fly in her hand. She looks at him as if she's about to rape him & then lays on top of the hole in the ground & starts to furiously fuck it.

Finally, an overhead shot shows that she's fucking the mowed figure. Painted-on clouds appear in the sky covering the scratched sun. The scratched sun disappears. Back at ground level she's still fucking the ground furiously. The darkened sky is shown, RD stands, scratched lightning is shown, OP is shown still passed out under the tree. RD is shown, laughing maniacally. The camera moves in on her & pans down to her rubbers. Yet again, the title appears:


Scratched lightning hits the tree & burns OP. C/u of OP covered w/ ashes in the wheelbarrow. RD wheels OP to the hole, wch is much too small to bury him in, looks stupidly back & forth between him & the hole, dumps him on the ground, sticks his elbow in the hole, & tosses dirt on top of it. For the last time, the title appears:


RD then mows lines wch render the torso as a closed circle & mows a triangle resembling a skull's nose hole in the middle of it. A w/a shot reveals this transformation of the woman's body into skull & crossbones. A final c/u shows RD holding the end of the dildo pointing upward in front of her mouth. She squirts milk from it & then blows on the end of it as if blowing smoke away.



Emma & Philth

Directed & Otherwise Fucked-up By:


(the "Ed Wood" of the "AvantGarde")

Final "dedication":

"Dedicated to the Loving Memory of Talis Kikauka"