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the idea of revolutionary guerrillas creating situations intended to bring into overtness the intrinsic nazism of legalised power.

i.e.: polarizing "authorities" vs.. - vs what/whom? - those who didn't choose "their leaders"
& who don't want them or any others?
this polarization means bringing a war into overtness w/ the idea that the majority will as a result understand that these "leaders" lead them into illusions of wide open space
- lulling them w/ a security the falseness of wch relies upon having the possibilities that the "security" creates seem greater than those that it represses
- a security wch is actually the security (minimum & maximum) of a prison
w/ wallpaper murals of (mediocre representations of) idyllic landscapes & prisoners willing to lock themselves in..

- as if a war can be won?

i have no faith in the masses' ability to cope w/ serious thought (is it too intimidating & tiresome for them? - not necessarily.. - maybe most people are just too busy for such things)

the masses are the masses because
they are different
from those who are different

(trying to write these things to my satisfaction can seem so futile) - & a possible difference is their wanting security to be provided as a commodity. i.e.: a "security" provided by an external source - a false security wch is the security of being led ("by the nose")
- of being relieved of the tension of decision making.

the idea of the fun guerrilla as possibly more revolutionarily effective insofar as it presents the happiness potential of revolution & insofar as it relaxes people from the tension of serious decision making
by presenting them w/ the possibility
of playful roles wch are flexible (unbinding) enough
not to involve life & death polarization.

"police/criminals" catalyzed to laughter
by a person facing possible "victimization" from them
might perceive the person & the situation in a changed enough way
to disarm the rigidity of the roles
(but you'd better be a damn good comedian if you want to survive long!
- don't try stupid jokes like this:
"What's the difference between a W.A.S.P. & a Let-It Bee?
- Imperialistic Homings." - NYUK, NYUK, right?)
fun guerrilla not as ridicule (contrary to popular opinion)
- ridicule just perpetuates the polarizing, the rigidity, the tension,
& the victimization..


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