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Under Heavy Perfumes

Upon my arrival in Florence I realized that it was no longer possible for me to consider myself a Neoist. Neoism is a symbol of my inadequacies. A sham of self-delusion, Neoism is a non-existent concept replacing creativity with empty words. I relinquish this, as I relinquish physics, psychology and, most of all, philosophy.

I also give up eating red meat, having sex, being lazy and sleeping late. Those days are over. I am now an artist.

We are pleased to announce the formation of the Neoist exercise in Florence. The Neoist Consulate is now open, and we declare all laws and dreams of the past to be non-existent in this city. Men dressed as Elvis roam the streets, women push infants in shopping carts, and red crosses glitter strangely from drug shops. We believe in the concept of total plot. That any action has a secret meaning when examined backwards in time. We are hypnotic. We sleep without light. We publish SMILE. We drift silently in the heavy perfume of clarity and confusion. We want war with you. Join us.