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Don't Stop!!!
Appeal to the Inventors of Science
Still the Eternal Potential on Earth

Monty Cantsin, 1986
You are important and indispensable! Your contribution/support in developing science and art beyond frontiers/life- blood for an existence of real progress and total freedom is the one and only true sign of superiority. No other contemporary exponent of total creativity can be a representative of your specific nature, the way you are. Don't underrate your influence. Every single combat against conventional Modern Art & paralysis of science bears fruit, even under difficult conditions. Don't consider your struggle useless or in vain. Be sure of your success. Your resistance may prove to be the last blade of straw for one companion amongst hundreds of opponents!

Eternal inventions of science are a direct invitation to explore life: the immediate start of cosmic perfection; the ultimate realization of our plan


Don't stop producing time machines; follow your rhythm of acticity means power supply for future technology - the new inspiration/thinking -


Your total physical and mental being will eventually lead to "things". Some things will eventually reveal your total physical and mental being.

Protect your brains from stagnation.
No thing may also prove to be some thing
Be sure your Identity is really

Monty Cantsin