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Seven Scripts for One Week of Neoist Activity

by Pete Horobin, August 1982
Neoday One | Neoday Two | Neoday Three | Neoday Four | Neoday Five | Neoday Six | Neoday Seven

Neoday One

The principal player does not think about art for twenty-four hours.

Neoday Two

The principal player does not eat for twenty-four hours.

Neoday Three

The principal player makes a pot of tea in the traditional manner. A sufficient amount of water for the personas present is heated in a kettle. Just before this water boils some is poured into a tea pot and swirled around its interior. Thereby heating the tea pot. This water is emptied out. A teaspoon full of tea leaves per person plus one for the pot is put into the hot tea pot.The lid is put on the tea pot. The tea pot is allowed to stand for five minutes. For the tea to fuse. It is then served to the persons present. With milk and sugar if preferred. Timing is critical.

Neoday Four

The principal player does not sleep for twenty-four hours.

Neoday Five

The principal player does not communicate for twenty-four hours.

Neoday Six

The principal player cuts his finger nails and toe nails. The clippings are put into a suitable receptacle. Later during this day the persons present take their nail clippings to a mutually agreed site. Possible the site of the Neofire. These clippings are scattered onto the ground.

Neoday Seven

The principal player sifts the ashes of the dead Neofire. Taking out the lumps of charcoal. The fire ash is put into a container. Samples from this container are put into plastic bags which are sealed. Labelled. Stamped. Dated. And mailed to known Neoist sympathizers.
From Istvan Kantor's Neoist Book, Neoist Embassy, Outremont 1984