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Catalogus Librorum Bibliothecae Externae


D. Joh. Dee, Ao 1583, 6 Sept.

Taken from "The Private Diary of Dr. John Dee" Camden Society 1842.

Original Editor for the Camden Society, James Orchard Halliwell, Esq. F.R.S Hon. M.R.I.A., &c. &c. &c.

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A Catalogue of such of Dr. Dee's MSS. as are come to my hands

[By Elias Ashmole]

Mysteriorum liber primus, 1581, et 1582.
It begins 22 Dec. 1581, and ends 15 March 1582.

Mysteriorum liber secundus.
The first leafe is utterly perished. It ends 21 March, 1582.

Mysteriorum liber tertius.
It begins 28 APril 1582, and ends 4 May, following.

Liber Mysteriorum Quartus.
It began 15 Nov, 1582, but the first leafe is lost. It ends 21 Nov. following.

Liber Mysteriorum quintus, 1583.
It begins 23 March 1583, and ends 18 April following.

Quinti libri Mysteriorum appendix.
It begins 20 April 1583, and ends 23 May following.
Note that some other of his bookes were set forth by Dr. Casaubon 1659, and the first action ( in them ) begins 5 daies after the last action of the foresaid appendix, viz. 28 May 1583, which are these that follow.

Liber sexti Mysteriorum ( et sancti ) parallelus novalisque.
It begins 28 May 1583, and ends 4 July following.

Liber Peregrinationis Primae ( sexti Mystici paradromus )
It begins 21 Sept. 1583, and ends 13 March 1584.

Mensis Mysticus Sabbaticus, pars prima ejusdem.
It begins 10 April 1584, and ends the 30 of that moneth.

Libri Mystici Apertorii Cracoviensis Sabbatici 1584
But in Dr. Dee's MS ( from which it was printed ) it hath this title,

Libri septimi Apertorii Cracoviensis, Mystici Sabbatici, pars tertia, Ao, 1584.
And beside hath this note, Liber quartus decimus.

The first action in this booke begins 7 May 1584, and ends 22 May following.

Libri Septimi Apertorij Cracoviensis Mystici Sabbatici pars quarta.
It begins 23 May 1584, and ends 12 July following.

Libri Cracoviensis Mysticus Apertorius
In the originall MS. it hath this marginall note, "Sive potius, pars quinta libri 7mi &c. Cracoviensis."

The first action in this booke begins 12 July 1544, and ends 15 August following.

Mysteriorum Pragensium liber primus Caesareusque.
It begins 15 Aug. stilo novo, 1584. At the bottome of the first leafe in the MS. is written, Liber 19us.

The last action in this booke is the 7th of Oct. 1584.

Mysteriorum Pragensium Confirmatio.
The first action begins 14 Jan. 1585, and ends the 20 of March following.

Mysteriorum Pagensium Confirmatorum liber.
This booke begins 20 Mar. 1585, and ends 6 June following.

Unica Actio; quae Pacciaena vocatur. Ao 1585, Aug. 6.

Liber Resurectionis, to which the MS. adds, et 42 Mensium Fundamentum.
It begins the 30 of April 1586.

Actio prima et secunda ex septem: is also added in MS.

The last action in this booke is 21 Jan. 1587

Actio tertia. Mysteriorum divinorum memorabilia, ab actionis ( ex septem ) tertiae, descriptae exordio, cui diea 4o Aprilis, Ao 1587, dicata fuit.
It begins 4 April 1587, and ends 32 May following.

Other Manuscripts

48 Claves Angelicae
This booke is writen in the Angelick language. Interlined with an English translation.

Cracoviae ab Aprilis 13 ad Julii 13 ( diversis temporibus ) receptae, Ao 1584. At the bottome of the title page. Liber 18

Liber Scientiae, Auxilii et Victoriae Terrestris
Maij 2, stilo novo, 1585 collectus ex praemissis in lib. 10, et aliis.

De Heptarchia Mystica Collectaneorum, Lib: primus

Liber Enoch. I suppose Liber Logeath and this are all one, but in the MS. I copied myne from ( which I borrowed from Sir John Cotton ) it hath this title, Liber Mysteriorum Sextus et Sanctus, Liber 8

A Booke of Supplications and Invocations.

Download "Echonia" Postscript font, designed by Sir Edward Kelly to dictate his visions of the 31 Aethyrs to John Dee.