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Western Cell Division

A homogenous "Western Culture" seems to have proliferated to the point of consuming (producing) the globe. As the rate of its reproduction increases, so too does its appearance of immanent collapse - it watches itself desperately replicate with each death throe.

And yet one wonders if an interstice is momentarily created with each division of cells. If ancient, mutated and new " cultures" - deviant cultures - spring up in the gaps created (the fold of one reality overruning another). Not some essential spirit stubbornly pushing through the concrete, but an altogether new culture, new perception, paradocixally made possible by the increasing folds in the reality fabric. Inspired by the richness of culture(s) in ruins, borrowing from the old no doubt, but subverting, perverting, detouring, mutating. Using it for convenience, but changing it when it becomes obvious that nothing remains pure.

At which point would such a Viral Culture preclude the Western Cell?

Could the former exist without the later, a virus without a host?