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the last words of wilhelm reich, continued


The Golden Day is a day of ____, OR What Larry does when he sees this sign before a bar.

Where Indianapolis is (Abb)

Apiary resident.

Appolodoris' forte

Dear (Fr. var.sp.=

One function of Robin Hood.

Tough, but not to - or - Indian hello.

____less Joe from Hannibal, M

Ziolko's union.

If you're not fer somethin', you're ____it!

Two-________ sloth

___ A Wild Rose.

"My fingers do the talking."

"On stage I'm Pamela."

Sci-Fi Movie (Abb)

Norma or Charlotte

"I wish I knew what RECTIUS V LICINI meant!"

___, Humbug!

Investment tool all the rage before new tax law. (Abb)

One of the "crummy" ones. (Abb) (Ask Bl. Mary)

__ In the Mood For Love.

"Just follow my lead."

Having ozone.

"I'm the newest hand on the deck."

__Life, L'Chiam!.

Where Fargo is (abb)

Shoe size.

Where ATL is (Abb)

Start of a round.

"If you don't get out of my way, I'll run you over with a dune!"

Fiber food.

Endangered animal --just ask any Canadian.

What our audience shouts at the end of a performance.

Type of test.

What they make at a spaghetti factory.

"I used to be master of all I surveyed; now, Allen is!"

"Peggy, it's all yours". (Quote dated January 4, 1988.)

Greek letter.

A theatre is a physical _____.

What runs around The Loop. (Abb)

Hair coloring

High (Fr.)

Call heard in barber shop.

"I eat fish heads and drink gold!"

"Put your pants on, Mr. G.!"