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THE concept of 'value' is the primary ideological abstraction that capitalists mine from the separation they have induced between things. Under bourgeois conditions everything has its value and every person their price. But 'good' and 'bad', 'subject' and 'object', 'true' and 'false', are all relative and disappear beneath the hard edge of materialist dialectics once separation is dissolved. 'Beauty', 'truth', and 'humanity' are simply ideological abstractions that are used to privilege one set of things over others, thus creating the ideological basis of commodity exchange. These things have no universal basis and will be swept away by communist revolution.
(PRAXIS, 1986)

"Praxis" is the ideology of unification which uses as its basis the bourgeois fetish of 'contradiction' and (pseudo) disorientation. One the surface, Praxis appears to be a subversion of the 'anti-essentialist' 'meta-critique' (analysis of the 'postmodern' condition) with the subverting elemnt being the introduction of 'proletarian' conciousness(sic). On close inspection, however, Praxis is revealed as a calculated bid for power in which every ideological inversion and 'paradox' is superimposed in order to neutralize its victims in preparation for a lethal dose of anti-capitalist ideology. Like 'Mass media' which prevent the possibility of dialogue through an unending overdose of banal and contradictory images, Praxis marks the ironic end of the dialectical advance of the revolutionary movement.

To attack something is to justify it.

Karen Eliot, Nov. 1986