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Language Constructions

Two definitions:

  1. Met-a-phren-ic (m<tafr<nik) n. A psychiatric disorder which manifests itself as an insatiable need to psychiatrically diagnose other people: the disorder of psychiatry: feverisch categorization based on deviation from normalicy [sic].
  2. Pat-a-phren-ic (pat<fr<nik) n/a. A psychiatric disorder which manifests itself as an insatiable desire to imply the non-validity of psychiatric diagnosis in general, and particularly those categorizations which have as their basis the concept of 'normailicy'; someone who finds debunking of psychiatric procedure.

One idea: (

The letter "c" shall forever be repla(ed with open parenthesis in de(laration of openness and (ontinuity towards all ideas and notions whi(h stem from (on(epts of (oherence!

No parenthesis "set" shall ever be (losed, and every thought (onsequently lead deeper into a labyrinth of unresolved (on(ept!

(onsequently, ea(h linguisti( manifestation will mirror the nature of (ons(iousness itself, both its nestled stru(ture, and also in its near infinite generation of words pertaining to hitherto unknown (on(epts (eg. "repla", "ed", "de", "laration", etc...

All existing texts in all languages will be altered to (onform to this prin(iple, as soon as possible so as to maximize the (onfusions (aused by this (hange and to avoid re(ontextualization into the mainstream. This will be a((omplished via massive government grants.

(ons(iousness will (hange inherently so that we will at last be aware that there is no end in sight.

( 1987, Spanish Art (lub