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Impregnation +

Thought is physical. The relationship between physical phenomena (electric charges and chemicals)
like anything else
(i.e. everything is physical)

anything I think or imagine is real
in a physical sense
and for no reason more or less physical than anything else

The only difference is a difference in scale
between 'reality' and what one imagines
But this difference is unimportant, since every perceived phenomenon of 'reality' must first be filtered through these electrical charges and chemicals.

Not only is nothing ?, but nothing can or will ever be ? because ? itself is a construct of 1 arbitrary 'system' (consciousness) over 1 other arbitrary 'system' (everything else).

(?-real, true, false, infinite, related, alien, natural, separate, connected etc...)

The inability to suspend disbelief, taken to its 'extreme' contains everythings and nothing

Leaving only a very
desire to experiment with certain 'moods' (games) of thinking or living or to die

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