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Beyond Distopia: Text and Anti Text

When I was eight years old I realized that my brain was an object and that the process of my 'consciousness' was a 'purely' physical process. This realization was accompanied by the understanding that I could no more trust my ability to retain and process information than the fragile systems for its collection. At the time I could not understand how such a dangerous realization could have slipped into my young hands. Later I realized that the process of living is essentially a process of suspension of disbelief, of rejecting information which is complex or invalidates the system of perception which revealed it. Nothing I have learned subsequently has been as painful or disorienting than this realization realization.

Recently I realized that the separation between reality and imagination was the result of the rejection of information inherent in the human desire for 'survival'. If the process of consciousness is physical, then every thought is a concrete object which is as real as this text. Beyond schizophrenia.

As a result of the 'transformation' of the human condition from the determinance of survival to the non-referntiality of enforced leisure and contemplation, life has become increasingly abstracted, textual. Each succeding generation reaches a higher level of abstraction in which prevailing existences are redefined in terms of increasingly 'disorganized' realities. We are powerless: We have only two possible means of escape from this distopia - the refusal of activity, or jihad holy war.

In the next years, we will be engaging in a collective withdrawing of activity in an experimental attempt to shake off and destroy the 'realities' which have accumulated since the implementation of enforced leisure and contemplation. If what was said, written and done was the totality of existence we would have no hope and embrace our deaths willingly. But anyone knows that what is not said is as important as speech and that it is silence, uncontemplated and perfect which is the invisible substrata of life. Silence is not passivity, but rather the opposition of what is assumed to be life simultaneous with the refusal of death.

Previous to that period, we will be engaging in a holy war against ourselves. In this war we will ceaselessly negate our every statement and action. We will make the paradoxical nature of 'reality' clearly apparent in out every action, This 'Holy War' will simultaneously distract as from the horror of life in a non-determinant universe ( as is the function of the Holy War), and also prepare the world by increasing the genral level of existential crisis in the average reader.

To attack something is to justify it.
Revolt ends here.