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"credit" to: Friedrich von Hardenberg

Paranoid schizophrenia is the waking equivalent of "lucid dreaming" dreams are a parallel apprehension of conscious life, with their own internal continuity and interconsistency. The degree to which dreams are remembered in waking life is scaled by the continuum of importance which the "individual's" culture places on dreams. In general, one's ability to clearly remember dreams is less than ones ability to remember being awake while awake; and one's ability to remember "waking life" while dreaming is worse than one's ability to remember dream continuity while dreaming. The obscurity, like that of communication between two people, is resolved by the occult connecting principle of the "unconscious", which "saves" the fragmentary perceptual split engendered by the multiple personality of sleep. In both suppressed-dream cultures (e.g. contemporary culture), and dream-focused cultures (e.g. now disintegrated aboriginal cultures in Australia), the idea of the symbolic interconnection of dreams and wakefulness is an evolutionary technology which allows a partial acclimation of human beings to the social question posed by the objectively real discontinuity between dreams and wakefulness.

"Lucid" dreams are an example of the continuity of waking life partially materializing in dreams, or at least within the dreamer's identity.

"Paranoid Schizophrenia" is an example of the continuity of dreams partially materializing in waking life, or at least within the awake's identity.

To what degree is the treatment of "schizophrenics" in terms of use-value, etc. in a given culture related to the cultures cosmological interpretation of dreams? What is the relation of the emergent notion of rationality to the former question, and how does it's emergence relate to emergent economic flows and political upheaval? To what extent is the transformation of politics and economy "carried" by the idealist concept of progress, and to what extent is the political history of human beings written in terms of it?

The effect of the emergent notion of rationality is to create a specific difficulty in distinguishing between the awake's "Lucid wakefulness" and fully awake imagination, which may be "visionary", but entirely within the normal continuity of wakefulness. In a sense, emergent rationality attempts to lower what passes for waking continuity to the lowest common denominator, which is reified through neoism to produce a distillation, hierarchialized by class. The "discontinuity" of modern art can be seen as a comparatively high-level continuity within the rarefied mental set of the higher economic classes.

It is possible to surpass the low level (or, number) of socially admissible continuities without "lucid wakefulness" ("Paranoid schizophrenia"), entering into a vast and invisible intermediary area which exists around and within every social institution. In light of this realm, social institutions are like thin shells & deposits in an architectural structure. paradoxically, the economic/political/technologies which affect emergent rationality are the direct result of the functioning of this inadmissible intermediary consciousness, which manifest on a minor level as technical invention. The evolution of technology is like a mad race of deviant minds away from masses of swarming robopaths while in turn becoming those masses in a kind of infinite regress, paralleling technical "progress". What is interesting is how this process seems to have transcended itself, or become frozen, so that there is no longer any delay between the inadmissible conception and totalitarian implementation of technical advances. This delay was the space in which the idea of human potential and humanitarianism attempted to hibernate.