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The Fifteen Bath Towels

The fifteen bath towels are like some terrible nightmare.
The fifteen bath towels have only about fifteen hairs per sq. inch,
Fifteen hairs, and refer to you as pig-dogs,
Having greasy hands most of the time.
The fifteen bath towels aren't offering much consolation,
And are like some terrible nightmare.
That is one dream; another
is like some terrible nightmare. What is "Jugs magazine"?
The fifteen bath towels live about 4 1/2 blocks from the train station.
Your black running shoes that are cut open all along the sides allow
The fifteen bath towels to flop out ("for the good times").
The fifteen bath towels are not about real life
--The fifteen bath towels have become like some terrible nightmare
Of spilling over into real life: the fifteen bath towels
Can not be counted on, not counted or even...
Even with the readership entirely addled (which
Porn was yours? Whose copy of "Jugs"
Requires fifteen bath towels to flop it out of for? What
is porn?) the fifteen bath towels
Have other things to do, thinks the TV in the taverns; --
The fifteen bath towels may be not in the habit of reading very much
Or make a real income.
The fifteen bath towels are living about two blocks from the train station:
They're getting closer, closer than
There are kidney conditions in the universe that
In working on a car
Which gives you greasy hands most all of the time
Which wear black running shoes
Which "for the good times" swell to an enormous size
Mean you pig-dogs are perhaps
Often stopped by the police or seized
As porn-mongers, because a fifteen-bath-towel-habit
Leaves much to be desired -- not enough
To have feet the size of footballs,
When it spills over into real life. So when
Customers enter the store they see you
Pig-dogs in black running shoes, with the sides cut open
And fifteen bath towels flopping out;
Weel, so what? Turn
The page.

Blaster Al Ackerman
Wig House
Wig Night