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Why I Invented Art Strike (1990-1993)

Art Strike (1990-1993) is a NET, of fine mesh, to capture those with heads too large. Suspended by the net of Art Strike (1990-1993) they hang together discussing, analyzing, rehashing, criticizing Art Strike (1990-1993), those who have been caught in it, those who have slipped through, and their opinions about them and everything. The NET cleans out the lightweights, the weaklings, the big-headed ones, shunting them into a quiet cul-de-sac of permanent artisticism, Artist-Club members reading the minutes of all previous meetings to each other over and over again, perpetually rewriting their constitution, rejustifying themselves and the World Artisticists' Party. Art Strike (1990-1993) causes non-contributors, windbags, perpetual theoreticians, to become self-purging clearing the path for those who are artists by virtue of their actions, removing those who are Artists By Self-Proclamation. Producers and contributors have free rein, no more encumbered by jaw-flappers and ideologues. Art is Demythicised by removal of the mythicists and redefiners, manifestoists and movement-joiners. Art Strike can only be a complete success if it becomes permanent, or induces all participants to suicide.

Cambridge, Massachusetts