stands for the attempt to create new instrumental music with conventional rock instruments. The band´s two guitars and drums have all their equal rights, giving and taking the particular musical freedom they need.

Tolshog ­ that means a magnetizing whirl around the beat. Stumbling loops und dubble bass breakbeats switch over to neo bebop or hectical-wildly played parts ­ abstract and played cool.

Tolshog is art noise. Everything is hybrid, polyphone, vibrating, on the edge to flip one´s lid, but suddenly calming down again. The basses´ four / five strings are often played at once and create an orchestral, rhythmically complicated and subsonic attack, and metal waverings. This instrument forms the basis of Tolshog´s songs. The guitar, absent from this world, often generating disharmonically hypochondric and rattling sounds, gets treated with an enormous amount of touches. It creates phobic, but also euphoric feelings.

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Baltic Sea, 1996

Tolshog is an infinite, merciless blue sky with no point of focus, affording no hold. One cannot prevent oneself from getting deeply moved by this kind of music: because it fucks your brain.

In 1997 Tolshog´s debutalbum gets released.

Since 1992 Tolshog has been playing live in Berlin a lot of times. Outside Berlin Tolshog performed in Pforzheim and at MS Stubnitz in Rostock (both located in Germany). Tolshog supported bands like God or Eisenvater; they often played live together with Surrogat, Zuckendes Vakuum, Moorpaul and Freicore .

In the late sommer of ´97 Tolshog´s bassist had been replaced by another guitarist.
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