wether itīs bart simpson spying on millhouse or
james bond on spectra, this pentax miniature
binoculars with 8-power magnification fits all
needs... and your pocket.

since the rumble pack feels like your girlfriendīs
vibrator this pneumatically powered gaming gadget
from rock-n-ride will give your intestines some real force
optional croco upholstery available!

even though the potential star (the well known
princess) of their new advertising campaign
is not around anymore, the guys from is robotics
just showed up with this new product in our backyard:
the fieldable explosive target clearer and hunter,
aka fetch.
each unit is equipped with gps navigation, munition and
terrain-detection sensors and magnetic grippers.
several units will even team up to divide territory and
map terrain in order to make this world a better place.

here it comes: the ultimate toy for all you digital
junkies. this little box contains a 133 mhz
pentium processor, 32 mb ram, a 1.3 gb harddisk,
while weighing just 1kg. with its head-on display and
voice controlled operating system the mobile assistant II
lets you actually surf this very site while shopping for
i say: sure shot over all this played out pilot-shit.

the seed bank was out of spidermanīs sperms when
your moms popped in?
no need to worry: keep this carbon-dioxide, 9mm blank
powered, 5 by 5 m web shooting net launcher
handy for the real peter parker feeling when you
get your enemy tangled up with 170 km/h.

the royal family might not like it, but the
fotosnajper-kit will transform your boringly ordinary
middle-format nikon into an extremely stylish
automatic-photo-gun of a hefty caliber.
since this fine piece of craftmanship has last been
manufactured in 1975 you will have to work
the flea markets of this world very hard to really
shoot your pics.

if your company cannot afford a lear-jet, and you cannot
afford to be seen in some kinky propeller shit, the vantage
from visionair is your vehicle of choice.
ok,ok,ok. 1.75 mil$ is still a juicy chunk of cash, but itīs
half of what a lear-jet will cost you and gets you as far as
1800 kilometers without refuelling.
so donīt think about it: order now !
you will not have to worry about saving up. the vantage
has a waiting list well into the next millenium. so youīll be
able to kill enough presidents in the meantime.

this mercedes-maybach study doesnīt just get you from a to b:
with itīs dazzling interior space, mini- (well, not so mini)
bar, 21" lcd-tv, internet connection and many more decadent
features, it might just as well be the most spectacular way
your hedonistic ass has ever been rocked from a to b.

If you are the urban guerilla type of guy and your
"taxi driver" tape ripped just lately try this for a change:
a night vision device -based on desert storm technology-
allows you to see all those nasty punks creeping up on
you in the dark. for ultimate hands-free combat action
there also is a headset available.
fon itt at +1 (540) 362 8000.