Our virtual existence creates real results

future perfect has begun as a non-commercial model of an utopic commercial lobby. Therefore, future perfect is structured like an experiment as well as like a virtual company, in order to expand the definition of 'production' towards the sense of 'evolution'. As an interdisciplinary forum, future perfect provides an ideologically and economically undogmatic space to produce, present and discuss visionary concepts.
It forms the image of future perfect as a dynamic system of corporate identities. The aim is to improve self-organized production, requiring the setting up of individual modes of cooperative managment. With the World Wide Web the appropriate communicative condition of a network is set up to use the possibilities of tele-working, which are essential for developing an utopic environment with real qualities.
The brilliant perspectives for joint ventures in research and production, based on future perfect networking with laboratories and companies, is a thrilling challenge to form reality by virtuality.
Participate in future perfect, and you will be future perfect.

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