Sites for the flow of many-sided communication.

You've entered for the first time the home of future perfect? Loop into the SPIRI.TOY to receive a first clue on future perfect. SHUTTLE through a brief insight into the spirit, aims and offers of future perfect.
You may register at the SCANNER to get member's access to the various sites of future perfect. If you are already a member of future perfect, you are allowed to cruise comfortably through the sets with the NAVIGATOR - the interactive logo of future perfect. Now you can choose whether to flip through the SCOPER to get an insight on what happens or to place an article yourself. Pop in at the LOBBY to have a chat and maybe snatch an insider's tip. Go for for a CHALLENGE, or give one.
In addition, check your account at the SCORER. Invest your FLUX at the SCOREBOARD in FONDS of research.
By the way, how is the project you joined in at the LAB developing?
Anyway, the moment you start acting in future perfect you will influence future perfect - use your chance to build future perfect your way.

scones are for free shuttle...