fp projected

It is a game of give and take.

future perfect fuses aspects of today's communication with perspectives of tomorrow in a speculative challenge.
An idealistic crew of multimedia artists, programmers and net-designers built the nucleus of future perfect in 1996. Planned as a work in process, future perfect functions as a system open towards growth. Its expansion and quality depends mainly on the participation of people, offering their specific knowledge and individual abilities to an open public. future perfect is the market of concrete utopias to be offered, discussed, developed, fused and promoted. It lives on a playful mood and with an experimental spirit. Everybody has the chance to join and act in future perfect as an interdisciplinary forum, where all aspects of global and local vision can be displayed. The variety of individual impulses will multiply the dimensions and effects of future perfect. It fuses a wide range of innovative ideas and concepts for tomorrow - now.

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