Focussing on the future - spotting the SCOPER.
"The classification of the constituents of a chaos, nothing less here is essayed." - Herman Melville / Moby-Dick
"Certainly the present age prefers the sign to the thing signified, the copy to the original, fancy to reality, the appearance to the essence, ... illusion only is sacred, truth profane." - Feuerbach / The essence of Christianity
"I believe that the effort to create convincing forms of virtual reality will confront us with as ashaming lections on reality like the research in artificial intelligence has taught us about intelligence - in the sense that we still havenīt a faint clue about it." - John Perry Barlow
"The SPECTACLE presents itself simultaneously as all of society, as part of society and as instrument of unification." - Guy Debord / Society of Spectacle
"REALITY will be soon one of the most relative terms we know." - Kevin Kelly