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Melody Maker:

> The pan-global panoramic trance-dance of Talking Heads' 'Remain In Light' owed a lot to CAN's 'Soon Over Babaluma', and yet more sincere flattery came in the form of David Byrne's and Eno's 'My Life In The Bush of Ghosts'.

Its use of ethnic vocal samples was unfavourably compared with Czukay's 'Movies', whose 'Persian Love' recontextualised an Iranian ballad; in actual fact, Czukay had got there 12 years earlier with 'Canaxis', which used Vietnamese 'Boat-Woman's Song'.

Meanwhile, the then freshly reissued Faust were impacting the burgeoning 'industrial' scene (Cabaret Voltaire, Zoviet France etc), their collage aesthetic paralleling the in-vogue cut-up techniques of William Burroughs.

Simon Reynolds
Juli 1996